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house speaker john boehner walked away from negotiations with the president. >> our washington bureau reporter explains that we are 11 days away from a government default. >> house speaker boehner says he cannot agree with the president regarding the the tax breaks and reform. he walked away from the talks. >> i cannot kit a phone call returned. >> president obama announces a breakdown in the talks. >> the american people are desperate for talks and people that will put aside politics just for a moment to get this straightened out. >> the president said he was willing to take a lot of people from his own party. >> even if i did not think the deal was perfect, and least it would show that this place is serious. that we are willing to take on a piece of stability when it is
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tough. >> boehner says he and the president could not connect. >> i in confidence that the congress will act. if the white house will not serious, we will. >> the senate voted down the cut, cap, and balance bill. >> we refuse to waste one more thing on this piece of legislation. >> we worked our tails off trying to get something done. i am told that this is a piece of crap. a piece of junk. that is not what i came here to do. >> the president will work on a forward. boehner says he wants to deal with senate leaders instead. wbal-tv 11 news. >> the senate rejected a house measure that would raise the debt ceiling for exchange in
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trillions of dollars in spending cuts and it constitute because additional amendment mandating a balanced budget. a town hall meeting has begun on this in college park. more on that in a minute. >> now to the heat on today's triple digit temperatures. it was the area's hottest july 22 on fact at 106 degrees. our meteorologist john, the tracks temperatures. did it really feel like 120 degrees in some areas? >> that is right, when you factor in the heat and humidity. those readings that were in the middle 100 actually felt like about 115, if you want to average it out across the area. there are nearby temperatures that were hit today. 106 degrees at the airport for the new record. the harbor 108. annapolis 101.
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hagerstown, they had a thunderstorm point through the afternoon. temperatures dropped from 100 to 78 degrees. what is in store for tomorrow, more heat, humidity, and rain. >> everyone is talking about how to keep cool. our reporter and joins us from north baltimore. is it any better? >> it is better than it was earlier, but it is still too hot and muggy for this time of day. water cooling systems are working on overdrive. technicians are working overtime to make repairs. what is hotter than justin beeper? apparently record-breaking temperatures at bwi. more than 4 million people it the web to gripe about the hot weather this month.
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. it beat bieber and the debt ceiling. >> it is extremely hot. we came out here to cool off. >> they have been scooping nonstop. >> we have been steady all day. >> they are not the only ones staying busy. >> probably doubling the number three times. >> thanks for calling heating and air. >> the phones here have been ringing off the hook with a c problems. >> shutting down, freezing up, needing servicing. >> simple maintenance will make sure that your unit does not become an oven. >> ensure the filter is clean.
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>> more hot weather is on the way. at least you will have extra time to cool down. these areas will be open an extra hour tomorrow night. wbal tv 11 news 11 news. >> and it was 105 degrees where the ivan is. you can send a top the weather is where you are by going to our web site. >> a 21-year-old man has been released on bond along with another man. fleetwood invited a victim to his home to hang out. sheriff's deputies say two men jumped out of a closet, assault of a victim, who robbed him of a check, then drove into a bank to cash it. deputies are still trying to figure out the third suspect's
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identity. police are looking for this man, accused of pushing his girlfriend out of a moving as you i -- suv. troopers said the suspects 1- year-old son was also in the sun at the time. a reporter is live at police headquarters and has details. >> police have distributed to his picture to police the promise throughout the area. he is believed to be traveling on foot and is likely armed and dangerous. this is the man state police are looking for. dante williams. police say he took his girlfriend on a terrifying ride near b.w.i. airport. the two along with a one-year- old son were traveling when the victim and the suspect got into a argument. >> he hit her in the eye and threatened her with a knife.
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>> she says she pleaded with williams to pull over near the entrance to interstate 195. she took her seat belt off and open to the car door. williams grabbed her and shelter of the car. a witness says the car was going about 60 miles per hour at the time. >> the witness says she saw the victim about several times on the highway before she was able to crawl off the interstate. >> the victim would of been struck by other vehicles. williams dropped his son of at a relative's house after the incident. he is wanted for attempted murder and first and second- degree assault. >> he has relatives and friends throughout the baltimore region. we hope that getting his picture out will alert someone to the fact that he is a fugitive. >> the victim was released from shop, a few moments ago.
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williams is known to stay with friends and family in baltimore city. anyone who knows about his whereabouts are urged to call baltimore police. wbal tv 11 years. >> in two months, gay men and women will be able to serve openly in the military. the president repealed the don't ask don't tell policy. military leaders talk about what they expect as the repeal moves forward. >> to treat all members with dignity and respect. to insure maintenance of good order. there will be zero tolerance for harassment, violence, or discrimination of any kind. >> the president released a statement today saying, i want to commend our military leadership for moving forward in a careful and deliberate manner that this change requires,
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especially with our nation at war. senator ben cardin also praised the end of don't ask don't tell. gov. martin o'malley has pledged to make same-sex marriage a legislative priority next year. david collins explains how he explains to get the measure through the general assembly. >> the 2012 legislative session -- session, i will sponsor legislation that protect religious freedom and marital and equality rights equally under the law. [applause] >> gov. martin o'malley pledged on a bill to allow same-sex couples to get married in maryland and have the same legal rights as heterosexual married couples. the measure was pulled by a in the house but it has in the senate.
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supporters believe that this will be a difference maker. >> it will be the second most exciting moment i have had in this room and will be surpassed by the moment in the next nine months that we will stand here and sign into law. >> the governor hopes to learn from the new york effort. maryland's last same-sex bill was built around religious protection. it is even called the religious freedom civil marriage institution act. a church affiliate -- the governor did not say what changes he would make. some call that his position is regrettable. they said the moral and social impact of redefining marriage will be pervasive.
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>> i think all of us need to look get this issue from the eyes of children of the a committed couples. we need to ask ourselves how one family could be protected less in the eyes of the law and another family. >> the governor's office will be working within the coalition to develop strategies getting support. the governor could use redistricting as leverage. in annapolis, wbal-tv 11 news. >> 35 clergy in churches are expressing disappointment over the governor's plan to make same-sex marriage april or early next year. they say -- the marriage bill early next year. you can find out more on our web site. click on politics.
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>> we have new state numbers for you on how maryland failure -- --vorered = >> what should i teach my students about how how our government works? >> teachers take center stage at the president's town hall meeting at college park. >> temperatures this evening have come down a little bit, but there is a lot of heat out of there. we will talk about the forecast for weekend temperatures coming up with the forecast. it is 86 downtown. around 90 d
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>> at least 87 people are dead and a homegrown terrorists is in custody after the worst violence in norway since the second world
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war. a man is accused of killing at two attempts on his home country. the bombing occurred right outside of the prime minister's office. shortly afterwards, police believe he dressed as a police officer and opened fire on a youth camp. president obama said these attacks are a reminder to the world to remain vigilant. >> i wanted to personally extend my condolences to the people of norway. it is a reminder that the entire in national community has a stake in preventing -- international community has a stake in preventing this kind of terrorist activity. >> he does not appear to have ties to any other terrorist groups. >> president obama had a town meeting today. hundreds of people came to the university of maryland college
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park where he addressed tough questions from local teachers. tim tooten has reaction from prince george's county. >> the president tried to appeal to a younger audience. one he hopes will support him back in washington. president obama called college park a retreat from the gridlock in washington. well congress is trying to hammer out a debt ceiling agreement. >> whether you are a graduate or a parent, the your number one concern is the economy. that is my number one concern. the first thing i think about what i'll wake up in the morning in the last thing i think about when i go to bed at night. >> are things changing? do we not use compromise anymore? what should i teach my students about how our government works. >> i think he should teach your students compromise, because that is not just how government
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works, that is how life works. how many people here are married? for those of you that are not, but intend to get married, let me just tell you. you better get used to compromises. >> i still am going to talk to him about compromise. it is a huge issue in our government. if we are not going to compromise, we are not going to get anything done. >> the idea of having a compromise and being a teacher and dealing with kids and conflict of the time, you cannot be extreme. you have to find middle ground. >> the president is heading back to washington to continue debt ceiling talks. he did not make any new promises concerning the economy while the debt ceiling debate continues. wbal-tv 11 news. >> the other martin o'malley attended the president's town hall and got a shout out.
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this is the first time the president visited the campus for reasons other than campaigning. state job numbers are in for june and just like the and implement rate, it slumped a bit in maryland. 7% last month. it was 6.8% in may. the figure is under the national unemployment rate which is at 9.2%. maryland lost 300 jobs last month. >> millan state police will be under new management. the superintendent is retiring after some 46 years in law enforcement. marcus brown, the current chief will take his place. he left the city police department back in 2007 amid controversy. he left -- brown will replace sheridan on august 1.
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>> earlier today, we had some thunderstorm activity to the northwest of us. it died down and never got into the city. another area of rain to the west of us. both the thunder into the lightning has gone away now. the area of rain is beginning to shrink a little bit. this area may miss us as well. once that area is done, we will be finished with a brain chances. we will continue with the -- rain a chance. we will continue with the big story, which is warmer temperatures. a record of 101. 81 degrees at the airport. the record high minimum temperature for the day. we will see if we can do that again today or tonight rather.
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a couple of the splotches of orange indicating temperatures near 90. a couple of ratings have fallen down to 60. rain shower activity is shrinking. strong storms in the upper mississippi valley. hot air continues for a while. the stream of moisture and heat coming from the central part of the region. this is moving further south, allowing some more disturbance activity and hind -- hines states moving in. nationwide, these red places indicate places that hit 100 or higher. once again in the carolinas up the eastern seaboard. a big chunk of the central part of the area.
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hazing in the mud the overnight. brain chances will be tapering off. -- hazy and muggy overnight. rain chances will be tapering off. it will feel like 110 tomorrow and a heat warning will be in effect for much of our viewing area, north of pennsylvania, to the west of frederick, a heat advisory for tomorrow. southwest winds for boaters in the bay, five not, 1 foot shop. more rain chances,cho,p -- 1 foot chop. more rain chances tomorrow. 88 on monday. a hot and humid weekend.
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rain chances increase by sunday. thafter monday, temperatures and humidity fall off. >> a former oriole get set for his induction into the baseball hall of fame. the current orioles are not going to the hall of fame. you will see why next in sports. >> what is up, america? it is $53 million tonight. you must have these by th5 white balls. 56-31-39-32-23.
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mega ball is 38. if no one matches all six, woman: saving for our child's college fund was getting expensive. man: yes it was. so to save some money, we taught our 5 year old how to dunk.
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the cracks should have left it at floor. greg in his first game back gave up a grand slam tonight. the orioles lost to the eagles. no one looks good in a floppy hats except kids. no adults, just kids. this double brought in the angels' first run. j.j. harden, a big single up the middle. after loading the bases of the night, kevin greg facing very well. grand slam home run. that will do it. angels over the orioles. luke scott did not last very long. back tonight, gone after
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tonight. >> he was not going to take that last at bat. we will probably have to make an adjustment tomorrow. >> that adjustment is going back onto the table. the last time team made it to the post-season, was a minute. -- a low moment of al's career when he spat at an official. he and hirsch back have become very good friends ironic. as soon as he got word of his election to the baseball hall of fame, he got a call of congratulations from him. -- the players association has note vote and no conference call to players settle.
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players say owners back to them into a corner. he front office members for each team, stayed behind in atlanta to learn more about the new rules that will govern everything in the nfl from the salary-cap to practice schedules of players. it remains unclear when teams will get to put their knowledge to use. one thing has become perfectly clear, time is money. an estimated $2 million of its annual budget will be cost. they could lose their first week of pre-season games. it would cost the nfl $200 million in revenues. a different kind of lost occupies the attention of the nfl today. several team owners attended the funeral of the the late wife of
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a patriots owner. the services were today in massachusetts. we can make an enormous difference in the life of a pro- athlete. abby womback has shifted her focus to a different challenge. she is a player/coach in the women's professional soccer league for a team based out of boca raton, florida. they have gone through four coaches this season. was banned forh harassing players. good luck to abbey. good luck to abbey. the seven-day forecast,
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>> more heat and humidity tomorrow. rain chances saturday, sunday, and monday. 15 degrees cooler than today. >> the "tonight show" with a little is coming up next. >> have a great weekend.
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